UMIND™ is an international Coaching and Training Academy working in diverse sectors and fields of practice.

The Academy is founded by the internationally accredited experts:
Simon Knight & Thanos Kyng

Main motto and leading light of the UMind International Academy is: Our goal is to help you achieve more and live life on your terms.

The name Academy traces back to Plato’s school of philosophy, founded approximately 385 BC called “Akademia”, a sanctuary of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and skill, in Athens, Greece.

The purpose of the umind Academy is:

To empower our clients. To connect and reach out to individuals around the globe who are committed to becoming, once again, responsible for their life. Therefore, be in charge of their own mind and of their own results.
We guide and assist our clients to progress in life and business and our mission is to help them unearth, reclaim, and attain all the resources that are needed to live life on their own terms.
Our clients are able to connect with their inner world and fully experience freedom and fulfilment in life.

We Solve Real Problems

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Enrich And Boost Up Your Present Moment.

Overcome mental confusion, solve problems and find immediate practical solutions.

Learn The Secrets Of How To Become Your Best Self

Our goal is to help you, in all circumstances, to communicate with excellence, both with yourself and with others.

Train Your Team, Company And Inner Circle

Tailor-made training courses on the most effective interpersonal communication strategies for companies.

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