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Thanos Kyng is a Mind Strategist, International Consultant and Interpersonal Communication Expert; His mission is to bring about internal change in order to affect external progress for game changer individuals and businesses in order to succeed.

Qualified as Master Practitioner of Time-Based Techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as other areas of communication, he sheds light to the deepest parts of your unconscious mind to bring forth the most empowering and favourable state.

Through personalised one to one and online programmes, he helps you to reconnect with your true identity as well as your business vision to find the solutions and the answers that you are looking for in order to achieve the success that you rightly deserve.

The uniqueness of his results – orientated methodology is his ability to work with you on significant events in your life, in past and present situations, as well as in the management of emotions and behaviours, in order to help you develop further, enhance and strengthen your unique attributes and qualities.

He will help you move forward to fully plan the future you are eager to experience, live and see it come to life, for your business as well as your personal development.


The Association for Integrative Psychology

Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP

ACCPH Senior Member

Accredited NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist

ANLP The Association for NLP

Accredited NLP Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP

The Coaching Society

Accredited NLP Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP

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