Emotions and Feelings

Why emotions and feelings are so strong? Why we wish sometimes to not have them at all? Why is it so difficult to talk about an emotion?


There was a person, very rich in intellectual content and with an immense knowledge in concepts such as past lives, psychology, historiography, weather balloons, quantum physics and many more subjects. One day that this person was having a good and quiet evening realised, in full awareness, how an emotion turns into a feeling and the effect that has on that person’s body.


When emotions take over is a very unique, yet somehow a familiar experience in our everyday interpretation of life. What happened prior to that feeling? What came into motion? What energy surrounded you?


According to the interpretation you give to an external event that took place, or taking place at the moment or even the possibility of that event happening in the future, you felt, you are feeling, you will feel, “good” – “not too bad” – “bad”, as an overall sum of these emotions and feelings.


You, as well as everybody else in the world, distort, delete and cancel information in everything that you do, think, experience and express through the diverse ways of communication such as language, signs, symbols, sounds, feelings and emotions. So knowing that, now, you might think of everything that you are living in life and experienced up until this very moment of dedication in this article and that is absolutely fine to do so because that means that you are getting more aware of how an emotion can challenge an initial thought or even question things you took for granted.


Question everything, even the question itself and for that matter even the existence of a question to begin with. Where did it come from? Was it manipulated from a certain emotional state that you found yourself in?


Now, we will focus on the feelings and emotions part on this article.


Let us understand the difference, if there is one, between a feeling and an emotion. So as a three dimensional expression of the universe itself on this planet, that you are, and that you live your life between billions of other stars you have the ability or as some may see it, gift of being able to perceive through diverse channels, one of those is intuition, energy in motion, or as we say it in our every day language emotion, which with a little thought you get that the word itself keeps hidden in plain sight the essence of the meaning itself, “e-motion”.


After the emotion becomes more evident and we get to perceive it more clearly we start to have what we call “a feeling”, that very translation of the emotion itself that impacts our physiology first and foremost. The feeling is in motion up until you become absolutely aware of it, identify it as well as find the root cause of it.


Then after you do that, you will notice that you have the ability to be in charge of whatever feeling you are experiencing and that you are the one to allow it take over and therefore guide your thoughts, expressions and decisions in whatever matter may appear in your life.


An emotion is always there and we have direct access to the energy in motion that is surrounding us every moment, even right now that you are dedicated in reading this article. Then to be able to express it, we convert that energy into feelings hence the impact on our physiology as a first step.


The next step is even more interesting.


Next time you will convert an emotion into motion in your body, into a feeling, try and understand it first of all. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this feeling? What is there to learn from it? And mind you that there is always a learning to get from a feeling. This is the initial stage for you to start again taking charge of your own feelings and interpretation of emotions.


Now, you might find youself wondering, “ok, and after that, what is the next step?” and that is absolutely fine. My advice, if you will, is to get commited again in getting the most out of your life in the best way possible and know that guidance and help is always available for you, for the seeker.

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Thanos Kyng

Thanos Kyng

Thanos Kyng is a Mind Strategist, International Consultant and an Interpersonal Communication Expert for game changer Artists and Entrepreneurs. He encourages his clients to take responsibility from bringing about internal change in order to affect external progress.

Qualified as Master Practitioner of Time-Based Techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as other areas of communication, he sheds light to the deepest parts of the unconscious mind to bring forth the most empowering state of anyone that decides to work with him.